Nhip Cau Dau Tu (NCDT) is the leading business magazine in Vietnam, highly appreciated by the business community, experts, business leaders, and decision-makers as a channel to provide information, expertise, and prestigious business analysis.

The magazine has organized several economic conferences with specific themes and numerous prestigious prizes in the fields of business, sustainable development, technology such as Vietnam’s 50 Best-performing Companies 2022, Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Awards, and Vietnam Outstanding Property Awards, establishing forums to draw in a huge number of local and international enterprises.


Serving as a provider of in-depth analysis and forecasts to assist company leaders in making accurate and timely business and investment decisions, bringing high efficiency.

Accompanying the success of the business community while contributing to the prosperity of the economy and society.


Special theme content focuses on issues that are of top concern to businesses, including:
  • Investment
  • Finance
  • Corporate governance
  • Marketplace
  • Marketing and consumption
  • International trade and business opportunities
  • Vision of Vietnamese CEOs

Development milestones

With 20 years of development, Nhip Cau Dau Tu currently reaches a circulation of 65,000 copies per week and attracts over 400,000 highly educated readers, of which general directors/ directors make up 45%, business owners 27%, department heads 14%, office staff 10%, students and others 4%.


  • Male/Female: 6/4
  • Top earners: 25-50
  • Household decision makers: 85%
  • Business decision makers: 81%
  • Dynamic: 95% of readers view ads
  • Occupation/Title:
    -  General directors/ directors : 45%
    -  Business owners : 27%
    -  Department heads: 14%
    -  Office Staffs: 10%
    -  Students and others: 4%


  • Issuance: semi-monthly (2 issues/month)
  • Circulation: 65,000 copies
  • Number of readers: 400,000
  • Total number of pages: 70 pages
  • Cover price: VND 38,000

Optimal communication efficiency

  • NCDT is the leading business magazine in Vietnam.
  • NCDT has around 400,000 readers who are among society elites, especially the owners of the largest Vietnamese corporations.
  • NCDT offers in-depth analysis, valuable information, modern design, and material of the finest quality.
  • Multimedia communication on several modern online platforms, like TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube, with millions of followers.
  • Only NCDT, a business publication in Vietnam, records 70% of its circulation from a steady stream of readers.
  • NCDT is widely available throughout the country and can be found at key business hubs including the airports in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, as well as five-star hotels and resorts.
  • NCDT's advertising clients are leading domestic and international brands.

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